Ready for school?: 5 ways you can ensure your child’s success.

So, are you ready?  Is your child ready for the new school year?  Oh, I am not asking about new clothes or  school supplies or having a few last days of family fun. I am asking about something much more important than those back to school preparations, I am asking if you are ready to make the next school year the best your child has ever had.  I am asking if you are ready to help your child enjoy learning, reach his or her full learning potential and get great grades.

So, are you ready to help your child have a year full of success and happiness?

Let’s be honest.  Most parents don’t even understand what I am asking.  Why should they be the ones responsible for their child’s success?  Surely that is the job of the teacher?

Yes, teachers have to do a good job of teaching your child but research states that up to 80% of your child’s success in school depends on you – on how you support your child at home!  And providing back to school support goes way beyond buying school supplies and new clothes.

Here are four ways you can guarantee your child has a wonderful school year.

  1. Set high expectations.

Parent’s expectations are the main indicator of school success.  Having high expectations doesn’t mean that you have to expect your child to get A’s on every assignment. here is what you need to expect –

That your child will do his best and that the school will provide all the help your child needs.

You may be disappointed at times.  Your child may not always do his or her best work and the school may not provide all your child needs.  But if you start off the year with these expectations you will be ready to act when things go wrong.

2.  Make sure your child knows how to learn.

Too often teachers, and parents, expect children to learn when they don’t have the skills they need to be able to learn.  Kids struggle to do the best they can but learning becomes hard work and many children call it quits.  They start to think that they are stupid and begin to lose confidence in their abilities. If you are concerned that your bright child is lazy or just not trying it may be because he doesn’t have the skills that allow him to learn.

3.  Work with the school.

You don’t have to volunteer to help with every school outing but you do need to keep in touch with your child’s teacher so that you know what is happening in class and what the expectations are around your child’s learning. (There is that word – expectations – again!).

Then, if things are not going well, if you think your child is not learning what he is expected to learn, you can inform the teacher and ask for extra help for your child.  Teachers want all children to do well but it can be difficult to keep track of every student.

5.   Provide extra support when your child needs it.

Schools can’t do it all!  Sometimes students need extra support that the school cannot provide.  If your child needs extra support to master a subject or just to catch up on missed lessons you may need to hire a tutor.  The key to hiring the best tutor for your child is to find one that teaches the way your child likes to learn.  When you know how your child likes to learn you can hire a tutor that is going to help your child learn quickly and easily.  You save money and your child feels good about learning.

So, are you ready?  Do you expect your child to do well, know that he has the skills he needs to learn, are prepared to work with the school and to provide extra support the necessary?  If you answered ‘yes’ to all these then I congratulate you – you are ready to give your child the best year of his school life.  If you weren’t able to answer ‘yes’ to them all then you have some work to do.  You have to discover more about how your child learns and how you can provide support that works.

If you want to be able to say ‘yes’ to being ready for the new school year I am ready to give you any help and advice you may need.  Schedule a call and we can talk!




Patricia Porter

Dr. Patricia Porter is a Learning Skill Assessment Specialist & Speaker. Discover your Child's Learning Needs to Unlock their Full Potential.